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Bait and switch..the Great debate of "Bank deals -&- Ads"


Short Sale Alert:

We are on to you; this is lost leader advertising at its finest.


Bank work-out, short sale or Foreclosure:

These are come-ons to get you in the door; the location you want is not a short sale.


Ever slow down and stare, when there is an accident on the road?     

Sure you do its human nature, but: If help is there, don’t you continue to your destination as planned? You don’t pull over and volunteer to shuttle people to the Hospital, offer to work the Jaws of Life, or photo the scene for future prosecution.


I had a client ask to view short sales this weekend:

I asked why? will you only be satisfied if your purchase is at someone else’s expense , do you know where the short sales are?  She said well no, but you haven’t sent me any of the bank deals yet and I would really like to see what I can get for the money.


I reminded her; you only wanted to see slope side locations    


People that bought 5-10 or 20 years ago slope side don’t loose their property to the banks.  Well still I want to see the good deals. I said why would I bang my head against the wall, it doesn’t do the wall or me any good.


Should I call the broker advertising the Short sale listing?

He will show you the dump with the cannibalized kitchen then take you to the traditional client listings when you rule that out. I am saving you that step.  


Please ..someone with a short sale list with me so I can advertise the hell out of it. Then take the customers to where they really want to be.






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