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Old agents never die they teach new agents how to build bridges.

Diary of a Veteran Agent...I say experienced, and you may say old.


I'm beginning to show a little white on the top...but only my hair dresser knows for sure!

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I love the sound of running Water...but it makes me have to pee.


Some of the new Real Estate Buzz words: Transparent and Authentic

When speaking of a Veteran Realtor of 25+ years...this translates to; You can see right through me and I've begun to rust.

They don't make them like they used too; In the old days there were always a few extra parts after your bridge was built, now it means you didn't follow the instructions and a catastrophic failure is likely. The best bridge builders aren't always the ones that posses the newest technologies, they are often the ones that have been building bridges the longest. Some of us have a little snow on top, are a bit rusty when it comes to the newest gadgets...and have to take a bathroom break once in a while, but we have been building bridges since you were in diapers. Ask me for advice or help and I'll gladly offer you a hand.


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Comment balloon 7 commentsSteve Loynd • October 30 2009 11:24AM
Old agents never die they teach new agents how to build bridges.
Diary of a Veteran Agent… I say experienced, and you may say old. I'm beginning to show a little white on the top… but only my hair dresser knows for sure! I love the sound of running Water… but it makes me have… more
Photos of Mossy boulders and Water Falls / the White Mountains NH…
Please enjoy the photos Taken today on my hike in the Woods… Caution It's time to wear hunter orange if you're out in the Woods. Today's photos focus of Moss and waterfalls. Woodstock New Hampshire. .. more
Foto Friday… smoke on the mountains
I know there are a lot of flat-landers out there… These are people that come from out of state to see the beautiful mountains of New Hampshire… or recreate in the White Mountains. I took a couple of pictures this morning that I just got around to… more
Realtors day off… chores and feline chases.
Now I'm not a complainer I love chores… for one thing it means Its a home project not an office emergency. I tootled off to Home Depot purchased some insulation and plywood, and turned around to get the winterizing stabilize for the gas machines.. more
transition from fall to winter… and opportunities to buy at the…
A steady transition from fall foliage to winter recreation has begun to take shape here at Loon mountain in Lincoln New Hampshire. The ski Villages still have plenty of colorful leaves but at about the 2, 000 foot mark a noticeable change has begun… more
Foliage 10/11/09… the clouds have lifted… photos from home.
This has been a busy Columbus Day Weekend… but it was overcast for most of Saturday & Sunday. Here are a couple of late day photos with a little sun on the mountains. I was pretty busy at the office today, lots of walk-ins while the Kancamagus… more
This ActiveRain Realtor, is busy while everyone else in town is…
Mystified Mystified Mystified Mystified…? They don't get it, How can you be busy? What are you doing differently than the rest of us? I blog about real estate and my areas of expertise!! … more
last chance at foliage enjoy it… Loon mountain will begin making…
Pemi base camp.. before the snow, enjoy these fall foliage shots as time is slipping away and so is the Fall. Loon Mountain Ski Resort, Honored for its Snow making, grooming Handicapped adaptive snow sports and best all around access from… more
Lake front Log Cabin in the woods of the White Mountains.. Pretty Cool
Mirror Lake is in Woodstock New Hampshire, over half the shore line is owned by a Research facility working on natural forest plants and Tree growth. There are no Motors boats allowed on this lake, which turns out to be great fun for the half a… more
Second home purchases need a buyer's broker as much if not more than…
Your White Mountain New Hampshire property expert; ASKS? Why / Hire a Buyer Broker For your second home purchase? When buyers are at a distance from their purchase there can be lots of critical items that can be over… more