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Realtor, Redneck or Renaissance-man you decide!


Realtor, Redneck or Renaissance-Man you decide.



I hate to leave a project half finished and will work into the night to complete a task.


I think the Red Sox are a class act for signing Nomar for one day so he could retire a Red Sox.


I would rather be defragging my computer than watching dancing with the star, but you can (honey).


I watched the Super bowl for the commercials this year because the Patriots weren’t playing.


I can work all day with a splinter in my finger, but couldn’t take another step with a pebble in my shoe.


I can hit a golf ball perfect when this shot doesn’t count.


I like visiting cities, but I don’t like driving in them.


I love my family, my house, my job, my car, and my sports…but would give up the last four for the first one without a second thought.


I like all sports, but don’t get car racing…drive fast turn left is what I do when I get on the highway entrance ramp everyday, what is so hard about that.


I know I want it all, but I haven’t decided where I’m going to put it?


I like having four season's; it’s great to see a change every few months without having to move.


I’m a dapper dresser, but I own multiple chain saws and a plow truck so I’m a redneck at heart. (the locals say flatlander…I like to think Renaissance-man)


I like being my own boss, I have no one to blame for my failures…and everyone to thank for my successes.


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Comment balloon 30 commentsSteve Loynd • March 28 2010 11:21AM
Realtor, Redneck or Renaissance-man you decide!
Realtor, Redneck or Renaissance-Man you decide. I hate to leave a project half finished and will work into the night to complete a task. I think the Red Sox are a class act for signing Nomar for one day so… more
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