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Activerain...Social network, or lesson not taught in real estate school?


Activerain,mutual admiration society or hard core learning tool?



I admit much of the posts I write are fluff and photos…I just want to come clean before I settle in to what I really want other real estate professionals to get out of this post and indeed this blog platform.


Here are a few of my favorite featured blogs posted this past week:



Alan May, The question about fiduciary duty is always a great topic of discussion Alan found a subject that we all have strong opinions about and received over 200 comments.


TLW, The Lovely wife offered a really great tool / application from Firefox, I put it to use right away and found benefits from her free advice right away.

This is a cool browser application especially useful for bloggers and web searches.


Claudette Millette Offers up some motivation and inspiration, on why settling for good enough is not good enough. I have subscribed to her blog and think many will find reason to do the same.


Greg Nino, Has written a thought provoking blog about the no. no’s of having a buyer broker instruct his client to view properties with out their agent. Greg makes no apologies about his position, he is funny authentic and transparent about his feelings.


Jon Zolsky, Asks the question why do some Activerain blogger still not have their name on their profile. But the bigger question was, why comment on a post and not return to read the authors response? Are we socializing, commenting for Google juice, or tallying the points and that’s all?

             picture available, but this will do!

Jason Sardi, Makes his 2010 mortgage industry predictions, anyone that knows Jason, knows there is humor and truth in his posts. His irreverent slant on all things real estate and personal opinions are worth a read whether featured or not.


Self promotion, I wrote a post about Radon gas issues, and found an equal share of people that said this is not a problem where I live and those that said this is a serious health issue. I will error on the side of caution and say…if you don’t discuss radon as a possible issue with your clients It could very well come back to haunt you later.


Whether you like funny, inspirational, tech tools, social media etiquette, agency advice, short sale info or SEO help…you have come to the right place.


This week alone I have had meaningful dialog with Air quality specialist, appraisers, home inspectors, stagers, Mortgage lenders, 1031 specialists, and social media consultants…tell me where you can go as a real estate professional and have access to all these experts without pulling your wallet out each time?


I don't just read the featured posts...todate I have made about 9,000 comments and received about the same amount. I enjoy all the blogs I read here, and know it takes time to put a good blog together. More than anything I would like to thank Activerain for all the great real estate information , advice and many times the direction to where the answers can be found.


I hope you all have a happy holiday season, and I know the posts and comments will begin to thin a bit as we all get busy with family and office functions this time of year. So for the record thanks for all your advice and comments on my posts these past two years, you inspire me to always get better at my career.




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ActiveRain… Social network, or lesson not taught in real estate…
ActiveRain, mutual admiration society or hard core learning tool? I admit much of the posts I write are fluff and photos…I just want to come clean before I settle in to what I really want other… more