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Bury the Northern Pass Power lines


Residents of New Hampshire – there may be no greater threat to our states Economy than the current Northern Pass – utility attempt to run a 1200 Megawatt High Voltage Direct Current line – Over head suspended on towers 135 feet in the air across the entire Granite State. The Visual blight alone will hurt the tourist industry and the scenic beauty of our state. The real estate tax revenues,  the health and welfare of our citizens, Gas tax, toll booth revenues, rooms and meals taxes will suffer as well. Please add your town to the list of places who wish to Petition requiring “any” high voltage transmission lines – be required to be buried rather than strung from towers over 100 feet in height.






WHEREAS, the Town of _________________ currently has an existing electrical transmission line carrying High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) through the town designated by Public Service Company of New Hampshire as Line X–178; and,

WHEREAS, the aforementioned transmission line is mounted on 40 to 50 foot tall wooden poles, some of which are below adjacent tree lines; and,

WHEREAS, the proposed Northern Pass transmission line would carry 1200 Megawatts of High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) power generally south from Canada through New Hampshire, including through portions of the Town of _________________, on visually damaging power lines hung from tall, intrusive steel towers at heights ranging from eighty (80') feet to one hundred and thirty five (135') feet in the air, well above tree height; and,

WHEREAS, the Voters of the Town of _________________ have concluded that the Northern Pass transmission line, as it has been proposed, would cause significant degradation of real estate property values resulting in dramatic losses of property tax receipts, well in excess of any conceivable property tax revenues from levying tax assessments on the aforesaid towers and transmission lines; and,

WHEREAS, numerous other negative impacts from the aforesaid proposed Northern Pass transmission line will occur or can reasonably be expected to occur, over time, including, but not limited to: a. A significant drop in tourist visits, and consequently, revenues, as damages from the power lines to New Hampshire’s natural scenic beauty will be a deterrent to people coming to the region. b. A drop in toll fees and New Hampshire gas tax revenues as motorists choose other routes into Northern New England, or worse, choose not come at all. c. The strong possibility of negative health impacts from Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) radiating from the 1200 Megawatt HVDC cables. d. A drop in business revenues, and consequently, a drop in employment at impacted businesses such as; ski areas, restaurants, gas stations, constructions firms, shops, stores, banks, real estate firms, to name just a few - - all of which are heavily dependent upon visitors coming to the area. Therefore, the undersigned citizens of _________________, by petition, respectfully ask the town to adopt the following ordinance:

Other than high voltage electrical transmission lines in existence as of the effective date of this ordinance, there shall be no further overhead development of alternating current or direct current high voltage transmission lines allowed within the borders of the Town of __________________. All such future electrical transmission lines must be placed underground within power line rights of way or within yet to be established power line corridors, and installed in a manner approved by the State of New Hampshire’s Public Utility Commission and/or Department of Transportation. Distribution lines carrying electrical power and other utility lines such as telephone and cable television for local residential or commercial use may continue to be installed above ground, but undergrounding of such lines, is strongly recommended and encouraged. This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon its passage.


Printed Name____________________________Signature________________Date



Please fill in the town you reside in - print your name - Sign , Date and Mail to : Alliance Against Northern Pass P.O.Box 1732, Campton NH 03223.


   Here is a link to the PDF - Version of this Petition *Northern Pass Petition.*

  Here is a you tube video talking about the issues involved in the Northern pass *Northern passVideo*

This is the view I want to see every day...not one with 100 miles of 100+ foot High Voltage towers over the White mountains and leading all the way down to the sea coast of New Hampshire.



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Bury the Northern Pass Power lines
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